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R1150RA Question No. 2: Speedo/Odo Accuracy

First, I should say that I got spoiled by the accuracy of the
calibrated speedometer on my K75.  The speedometer AND odometer on my
'02 R1150RA seem to be about 6-7% optomistic (indicated distance and
speed are greater than actual).  I believe that my speedo drive has a
ratio of 2.60, and the closest available ratio is 2.85.  If the 2.85
speedo drive is compatible with my bike, it would make the speedo/odo
about 2.5-3.5% percent pessimistic (if my math is any good).  Have any
of you R1150R owners made this change?  What have been your
experiences?  Is there any other way to calibrate these instruments?

Pete Migli
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