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Gasoline Afficionodos:

For another data point, I have a twin-spark RT.   I initially burned 89 mid
grade in it because of the manual and sticker on the tank.  While it didn't
ping exactly, it ran pretty rough and had an occasional stumble when pulling
away from a stop..   It likes premium a lot better.  The stumble may have been
because of the second spark wire arching on the frame...There was a recall
about this, but I think at the time that I linked it to the gas quality.
This bike has no engine mods, just a precise valve adjustment and throttle
synch.   Mileage is aroung 20K and I "discovered" premium about 5K and have
been using it ever since.

I always used premium in my '99 RT.   I changed the tuning of that one
extensively and some combinations gave knock no matter what fuel I used.
Specifically, GS tubes with 83i powerbox.  In this tune, it pulled like a
train at low and mid RPM with no surge at all but would ping a bit near
redline when passing in 4th or 3rd gear.   If it was hot out or the gas in the
tank was not the best, it would get worse.   Seemed to be better at high
altutudes or low temps or with a really good tank of gas.

- -TB


End of oilheads-digest V2 #35