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Re: oilheads-digest V2 #35

Might as well weigh in on the torque issue.  I think I'm in the majority 
that torque say connecting rod bolts, cylinder head hold down bolts, etc but 
drain plugs, sparkplugs, exhaust nuts, etc. just snug them up they'll be 
fine.  Far more bolts and nuts are drastically over torqued than under 
torqued.  Use a 1/4 inch drive ratchet to protect the innocent if you must 
:-).  It's amazing to me that people that would NEVER work on their cars 
will wrench not only on their bikes but also if they happen to be in to 
aviation their planes!  Contrary to believe a torque wrench in the hands of 
an incompetent user can yield worse results than the feel method!  The 
popular click ones might not click if held incorrectly or used 
improperly-the torque at which they click is also subject to position, speed 
or snap(torque lol) of the rotation, etc.  Now some people that have been to 
a lot of classes or worked for the government a long time(love regulations) 
are going to do what the book says no matter what.  If it says torque 
fastener X to 47 inch-pounds while standing with one foot on the third rung 
of a 6 foot ladder that's EXACTLY what they're going to do(you know who you 
are  lol). Now having said that I'm not against people learning to work on 
their bikes-it really can be fun and you got to start somewhere-just use 
some common sense about knowing what you're doing-even then expect a few