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RE: Octane? Tachron in Water Torture?

You're absolutely right on what higher octane means.  It is basically
just a measure of burn rate.  With higher octane you get a slower, more
predictable burn which allows for higher states of tune (higher
compression, more advanced timing) without damaging the engine through
preignition/detonation.  There is NO MORE energy in a gallon of say 93
as compared to 89.  

If your engine runs smoother with higher octane I would guess that
detonation or preignition is occurring at levels below which you hear
any pinging.  In some vehicles you will get less power with low grade
fuels as they have a knock sensor that will retard the ignition when the
fuel is not up to snuff. Unfortunately our bikes are missing this

Bob Minor  

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My poor understanding of octane is this. High octane means "slower
burning." In other words, it is like retarding the spark. That alone
explains some otherwise unaccountable phenomena occurring when you
experiment with octane.

I am not sure if high octane also means some chemical inoculation to
knock is present in the brew or just that reduced knocking is a
consequence of slower burning (that is, retarding).

In fact, lower octane gas has more oomph in some sense I can't remember.

Sometimes octane is mistakenly taken as a generic metric of goodness
similar to the false adherence to stiff springs, high pre-loads, stuff
made by Bing or Bosch or.... 

Of course, our local Banana Gas (PetroCan) has Tachtrol (same, I am
quite sure, to the good stuff Techron in Chevron) in double-dose in the
hi-test, which fosters the illusion. it is the only additive, Marvel and
alky aside, that is widely endorsed by those who might have reason to

Tachtrol/Techron is the coward's answer to the Water Torture. Anybody
ever tried using Techron in the Water Torture???

Toronto (some nice scooting weather this past weekend but some nice snow
expected today)