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RE: Octane? Tachron in Water Torture?

I've seen this on a couple of websites and it confirmed what I remembered:


"Octane, by definition, is the resistance to burn or detonation. The higher
the rating, the slower the burn when ignited during the compression burn
cycle of the piston. The higher octane allows for better control of burning
for high compression engines.  So we want to match the correct octane rating
of the gasoline to the engine design to ensure complete burning of the
gasoline by the engine for maximum fuel economy and clean emissions."

- --John Kokola
stayin' out of it -- trying to, anyway

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> It is incorrect to state that high octane fuel burn slower. All gasoline
> burns at the same rate. some releases less energy than others.
> Some resist
> preignition or detonation better.