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RE: Octane? Tachron in Water Torture?

Complex and confusing:  from


"FAQ3 deals with Octane. 

6.3  What fuel property does the Octane Rating measure?

The fuel property the octane ratings measure is the ability of the unburnt
end gases to spontaneously ignite under the specified test conditions.
Within the chemical structure of the fuel is the ability to withstand  
pre-flame conditions without decomposing into species that will autoignite 
before the flame-front arrives. Different reaction mechanisms, occurring at
various stages of the pre-flame compression stroke, are responsible for the 
undesirable, easily-autoignitable, end gases."

I have never burned anything but "hi-test" in my 02 R1150RA because I am not
sure I could hear the detonation (old age and ear plugs) so I do not chance
it.  Hurts to pay $10 plus to fill the tank though.

02 R1150RA, Yellow Jacket

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I've seen this on a couple of websites and it confirmed what I remembered:


"Octane, by definition, is the resistance to burn or detonation. The higher
the rating, the slower the burn when ignited during the compression burn
cycle of the piston. The higher octane allows for better control of burning
for high compression engines.  So we want to match the correct octane rating
of the gasoline to the engine design to ensure complete burning of the
gasoline by the engine for maximum fuel economy and clean emissions."

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> It is incorrect to state that high octane fuel burn slower. All gasoline
> burns at the same rate. some releases less energy than others.
> Some resist
> preignition or detonation better.


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