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Re: Octane? Tachron in Water Torture?

> You're absolutely right - Bob Minor
> It is nice to read two completely incorrect analyses of use of octane rating -
> Tom Cutter

I hope I didn't give the impression that I favored low octane. I use high
octane PetroCan (1) because the octane needs to match the timing, (2) to
benefit from other chemical blocks to knocking, and not least (3) because
the Tachrol/Techron additive is double-dose it says in their advertizing.
Hell, it just doesn't look good to my neighbors to pump low octane gas into
a fancy bike.

BTW, low octane has more oomph because in the volumetric efficiency sense,
correct me if I am wrong, it is slightly more volatile and has some
droplet-moxie than that additive-laced purple-dyed high octane stuff.

When I had a long phone chat with a refinery engineer at PetroCan two years
ago (that should qualify as homework under Tom's wise admonition) he said
Tactrol is "deposit neutral" (that is, it leaves none of itself around)
which is better than many additives found in pump gas, he claimed. But for
real attack on carbon, use Tachrol from the bottle, perhaps with a twist of
lime (only kidding).

Anybody use Techron or other stuff in the Water Torture? Nitro? Preparation
H? Two cups of prune juice?

1999 R1100S