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Re: Octane? Techron in Water Torture?

At 9:57 AM -0500 2/10/05, Ben Barkow wrote:
>Anybody use Techron or other stuff in the Water Torture? Nitro? Preparation
>H? Two cups of prune juice?

I tried a water torture once with a small volume of biodiesel. Well, 
it was handy, and I have a spare engine in the basement if this one 
blows up...

Anyway, with water the engine slows a bit, coughs, rattles, and 
recovers. Some white-ish smoke out the pipe which might alarm the 
neighbors, but nothing too dramatic.

I tried the biodiesel to see if it might have a better effect (remove 
more carbon with less liquid volume drawn in). I don't think I have 
the courage to try it a second time (although I did treat *both* 
heads, for balance).

The smoke was thick and choking. The engine rattled to a degree that 
was alarming, and persisted in its rattle for a long period - that 
B100 (neet biodiesel) seemed to stick 'round for a while. It 
eventually quieted down and after both sides were done I took it for 
a ride.

Decision: Yes, a smaller volume of biodiesel was able to remove 
sufficient carbon that I had no pinging with mid-grade gas (89 octane 
(R+M)/2). But I'll stick to water, it seems much more benign on the 
engine, and gets the job done equally well.

- -- 
- - andrew, Berkeley, '00 R1150GS


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