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Re: Octane? Techron in Water Torture?

- --- Andrew Johnson <sundiaL@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I tried a water torture once with a small volume of biodiesel. Well, 
> it was handy, and I have a spare engine in the basement if this one 
> blows up...
> Anyway, with water the engine slows a bit, coughs, rattles, and 
> recovers. Some white-ish smoke out the pipe which might alarm the 
> neighbors, but nothing too dramatic.
> I tried the biodiesel to see if it might have a better effect (remove
> more carbon with less liquid volume drawn in). I don't think I have 
> the courage to try it a second time (although I did treat *both* 
> heads, for balance).
> Decision: Yes, a smaller volume of biodiesel was able to remove 
> sufficient carbon that I had no pinging with mid-grade gas (89 octane
> (R+M)/2). But I'll stick to water, it seems much more benign on the 
> engine, and gets the job done equally well.

How about helping an Oilhead newbie.  Where exactly are you inserting
the water (or biodiesel)?

Better yet, how are folks deciding that their engines have enough
carbon buildup to require such action?

Better still, IF carbon deposits are problematic, then WHY are they

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