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Re: Octane? Techron in Water Torture?

At 5:34 AM -0800 2/13/05, Peter Migli wrote:
>How about helping an Oilhead newbie.  Where exactly are you inserting
>the water (or biodiesel)?

Through the vacuum ports in the throttle bodies - you'll either have 
rubber bulbs on them (capped off) or you'll see rubber hoses coming 
down from them, which then travel into the gas fume collection system.

I attach long rubber hose to one port at a time, then with the engine 
revving above idle, I put the free end of the hose into a graduated 
beaker with a certain quantity of water and "slurp" in several cc at 
a time. Not the whole amount. Don't let the engine die, keep it 
revving as the water (now steam?) works through the combustion 

>Better yet, how are folks deciding that their engines have enough
>carbon buildup to require such action?

When I get pinging under load with a hot engine while burning high octane gas.

>Better still, IF carbon deposits are problematic, then WHY are they

I suspect I have oil blowing past the rings, and I know I get a fair 
amount of oil in the airbox as well. One way or another, it's 
crapping up the combustion chamber. This is my speculation, I have 
not yet used an endoscope or other instrument to visually inspect the 
interior of the head.

- - Andrew