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So I pull on to the freeway yesterday and something is just not right.
The R1150RT isn't as smooth as it normally is.   What could be wrong?
Could it be the road?   I am using a freeway entrance that I usually
don't use, although I have been using it quite a bit the last week or
so... I should also mention that in the last week or so I've been mainly
riding my other bike, a '66 R69S.

It probably takes me maybe fifteen-thirty seconds to notice that I'm
taching about 5500 RPM.   Oh... I'm still in 4th gear.   Shift up to
6th and the bike feels the way I expect it to feel.

Apparently I'd gotten into the habit of shifting up to 4th on the R69S
at that particular freeway entrance and it carried over when I got on
the R1150RT.  Interesting.

// marc