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Brakes are breaking me!

I've got a real big pain-in-the-ass brake problem. First I was getting a sticky caliper ... or at least that what was going on. So I decided to replace both calipers with extra ones I have from a wreck. I noticed that it seemed BOTH calipers were sticking ... but wait, what is the chance? I also noticed while bleeding the brakes, pulling the brake lever was not shooting brake fluid out the open reservoir. Something isn't right. I buttoned everything up, called it a night and zip tied the brake lever as per some urban myth (?) I read about on the 'net ... something about air being squeezed out. <sigh>
Yesterday I bleed the hell out of the brakes (not at the ABS). Still the lever goes all the way back. Fluid now does go shooting out the open reservoir when the lever is pressed. I'm thinking the brakes need to be bleed at the ABS? Ideas please!!
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