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Re: Habits

Besides, I think there is too much hi-tech in bikes already.
Bob Silas
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  Ergonomics issues aside, I just don't need 167 HP. Zero to 60 in 2.8
  seconds? Where can I use it?  Here in Oregon, land of tax limitation
  measures, the state and local police have turned to speed enforcement to
  finance their BMW's.  Last week I went to lunch with some coworkers and
  EIGHT county motorcycle patrolmen showed up at the same restraint, every
  one of them on a shiny black and white RTP.  It must have been
  "saturation patrol" day.   

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  Have we had any firsthand reports of riding position, etc? It may not be
  that bad, and you know that the aftermarket will make bar riser and so

  > Too much sport, not enough touring.  Wrong end of the sport touring 
  > spectrum for me.
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  > <<You reminded me of my favorite  fantasy bike: a K900RS with
  > 3-cylinders and 12 valves, telelever and  paralever and just under 500
  > pounds.  BMW could build this bike and I  swear I'd buy it (and I've
  > never bought a new bike before).  Maybe the  fantasy should now
  > the K1200S front
  > end.   >>
  > They just built it, it's the K1200S. Time and  technology moves on...
  > Tom Cutter


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