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Re: Habits

As I remember what I heard, they had some problems with the new front end.
Bob Silas
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  Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 10:09 AM
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   Maybe the fantasy should now include the K1200S front

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  I ride a '94 RS and have over 100.000 miles on it.  I got used to its
  vibration.  It is a great bike, I had hardly any problem with it, but it
  vibrates from 3900 rpm on.  I also have a '92 K75 with about 30,000
  miles on it.  I keep it for the occasions when my youngest son rides
  with me.  He loves the "K" and, I must admit, that its engine is the
  smoothest bike engine I ever rode.  The K75 engine is much superior to
  the '94 RS' engine as far as smoothness goes.  The problem with the "K"
  is its front suspension and the general rigidity of the bike.  While it
  is great on smooth road and in turns on perfect surface but it is all
  over the place in turns where the surface is rough or scrapped up for

  An ideal bike would be one with the K75 engine in an RS frame.  I know,
  the K1200RS or the K1200GL, but those bikes are too heavy for me. Bob
  Silas '94 R1100RS  

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    From: Kent Christensen 
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      Then, a couple years later I'd have 
    to check the tachometer to verify a K75 was actually  still idling at
    stop.  Have hated those bikes ever since.  Long live that boxer feel!

    Kent Christensen