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Re: Fantasy Bike

Hey Bob,

What's that they say about money, good looks and motorcycles? Can never  
have too much or too many...right?

If you'd like to have a CB400 again, you could keep an eye on eBay. I  
don't know what you'd consider reasonable, but one just sold for  

It looks like it was in great shape. I don't know where it was stored,  
but the pictures were taken with it in somebody's living room. Gotta  
love that.

Currently there's just one more up for auction. It has a starting price  
of $1650US...

It sounds like it needs a few parts though. However, when I did a  
search on eBay for "cb400" I found enough parts you could probably  
build a bike.

I have a friend who happened to buy one a few years ago as his "starter  
bike." He bought it from someone who had it setting in a garage for  
years. It took a minimum amount of work to get it running again. Anyway  
he bought it because it was cheap and he was thinking it would be a  
nice size to start with, and just a stepping stone to something bigger.  
He's still riding the CB400...he really likes it. He's tried some  
larger bikes and says they just feel big and heavy to him.

Good luck with it.


On Feb 24, 2005, at 6:39 AM, Robert Silas wrote:

> Dennis,
> Honda SuperSport 400/4 is a 400cc four cylinder bike.  It is small,  
> low and light.  The engine had to turn at 4,000 RPM minimum to get  
> power and smoothness out of it.  Still, I am sorry that I sold it.   
> When I find one at a reasonable price, I will buy it.
> Bob Silas