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What limits the rebound? Brake lines.

I'm thinking of moving my cafe-racer R1100S (non-ABS) low bars to the
old-fogey, high, touring position. That means I need some help with brake

What limits the rebound - something on the stanchions or something in the

If the limiter is in the stanchions, then should going to the "715mm" stock
brake line assembly work... even if I raise the stanchions and clip-ons up
above the upper triple clamp any distance? If so, what's the furthest you
can raise before disaster?

Anybody have trick brake line? What supplier? Best concept I've heard so far
is simply to run two lines from the MC direct to the calipers. Thoughts on

BTW, with enough exercise, pain-tolerance, wind-on-your-chest when over 200
mph, video cameras for rear-looking, and prayer can a healthy old guy get
used to the low bars for touring?


chillin' out in Toronto