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RE: Old air filters for R1100S needed

I remember someone did some dyno testing a few years ago with the stock
filter, a K&N, and NO filter.  All three configurations yielded nearly
identical power output.  An article in OTL from the early years of
oilheads explored ways of increasing HP and concluded that larger
injectors must be used before airflow becomes an issue.

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Ben is looking at experimenting with other air filters:

Hi Ben -- have you seen Don E's air filter test somewhere on his web


If I understand correctly, his measurements show that the stock filter,
even when 50% blocked by plastic wrap, flows enough air to not degrade
performance as measured by a dyno run.  His conclusion seemed to be that
even more flow from a K&N type filter could not be used, so the choice
comes down to which filter traps the most particles and that looks like
the stock filter.

Best of luck, though.
Wendell Ponder
Grapevine, Texas