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re: Old air filters for R1100S needed

re:  I think oiled foam is surely the way to go for home-maintenance riders

Not a personal attack, but ...

... I'm continually amazed at the USA auto culture that BELIEVES that manufacturers always install the cheapest possible components and that there are always better solutions available at K-Mart or other aftermarket suppliers.

This is, of course, always combined with the belief that all automotive products are designed to frustrate home maintenance and the manufacturer wants even more profit from servicing.

Realistically speaking, we might assume BMW, as one of the higher-end manufacturers and surely one with a reputation to uphold, would refrain from installing cheap, ineffective components.

Realistically also, we should assume BMW--and any auto manufacturer--employs engineers with more talent than most often exists in the aftermarket and that they have more resources for testing/evaluation of components and designs and use them.  More than exists under shade trees, too.  In fact, I'd assume that bottom-of-the-barrel engineering, e.g Chevy Cavalier guys, would know more than the aftermarket/shade tree guys.

Well, perhaps BMW isn't the top, but then again do Ferrari, Maybach, Bugatti, etc. install oiled foam air filtration? Are their customers do-it-yourselfers?  I don't think so.

Certainly there is always the ego satisfaction in the perception of "beating the system," and "expressing individuality," which IMHO are 99% of what the aftermarket is all about.  This satisfaction is just as worth purchasing as, for example, the satisfaction derived from owning a BMW vs. anything else.  It certainly creates jobs.

Go for it.

Me, I like riding, and my BMW runs great as originally manufactured, and my remaining money goes for fuel, campgrounds, motels, restaurants, etc.  Meet more people riding than wrenching, too.

Kent Christensen