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Re: Old air filters for R1100S needed

In a message dated 3/3/05 10:36:04 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Having said all that, would  somebody PLEASE let me know if the ECU corrects
for changes in filter  resistance (other than the obvious if just occasional
presence of the O2  feedback)?>>

How could it? It has no sensors that would enable that  function. It has an 
intake air temp sensor (wildly inaccurate most of the time)  and the throttle 
position sensor, and the O2 sensor way back in the cat. The  only way it could 
adjust to changes ANYWHERE in the system is by trying in vain  to get back to 
the settings outlined in the mapping, based on the feedback from  the O2 
sensor. Fooling the O2 sensor is like trying to ride a bull by holding  the tail. 
You will get a ride, but probably not the one you want.

Tom  Cutter