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Re: Old air filters for R1100S needed

> Ben,  This was a lot of comment.  I'm not interested in the flame war,
> but here is my (ignorant) take on your question about can the ECU
> respond to intake tuning.  Simply look at the inputs the computer gets.
> They are air temp, throttle position, O2 sensor, some ignition crap,
> and the map inside the box.  I think that's it.  How would you expect
> it to see any changes to the intake air charge?
> Bob Hadden '05R12GS(with a lot more inputs to the ECU), '62R27(with no
> inputs) (They both run pretty good)
> On Mar 3, 2005, at 4:50 PM, Ben Barkow wrote:
>> Tom B, we really can do without your patronizing, <ship>
>> Ben (snow as high as an elephant's eye in Toronto)

Thanks, Bob.

My comment about "ignorant" was apropos Tom B's reply which suggested he
didn't know the difference between a Uni (oiled foam) and a K&N (oiled
gauze) and he ignorantly thought they were harmed by rain (Were you really
thinking of paper, Tom?).

Some of the variable you left out (to the best of my knowledge):

as far as the inputs to the ECU, the barometric pressure sensor, always a
biggy for breathing, human or bikely

cat code plug

CO trim pot

the crank position sensor (AKA "timing" or what you might mean by "ignition
crap") which can be varied a coupl'a degrees or more if you are crafty with
your Dremel

and in addition to the ECU inputs per se:

valve lash

chain stretch (Tom Cutter mentioned this to me as something Ugo Gittel
attends to)

not to mention chip switching (FIM has a dozen, as well as BB Power, Laser,
all kinds of BMW chips....)

taking apart the ECU and doing component or adjustment changes

changing the spritzers

raising the fuel pressure

Techlusion gizmos

and all the twisty pipes and boxes in the exhaust system

What additional "levers" are available?