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Re: Tuning (was Old air filters for R1100S needed)

Re: Sounds like a free-lunch engineering fallacy? You're right. (Ben)

Ben is correct, but I'd offer it's not engineering at all.

For seemingly so many, a motorcycle provides a vehicle for ego gratification.

"I can beat the system and demonstrate my superiority by 'performance' tuning my motorcycle using only the barest of shadetree resources and show those overpaid engineers at BMW what for."

"I can spend $900 on an Ohlins shock and get obviously even more than $900 return in value and show those overpaid engineers at BMW what for."

"I really need to put on a noisier exhaust system--will it affect my warranty?"

"Men will admire me, and women will swoon."  (Just like so many women drink beer.  Right.)

Now, as long as it hurts no one, there is nothing wrong with ego stroking.

However, just recognize that to justify/rationalize it with pseudoscience, possibly even seeking Internet list advice on the matter, is just more of the same.

It's good for the economy, of course.

A side benefit is that guys doing this pretty much by definition can't keep quiet about it, and therefore everyone else knows which bikes not to buy or pay usual prices for on the used market.  Also good for the economy.

Kent Christensen