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RE: New bikes

Is anybody getting excited over the new 1200's? As good as the GS's are,
I don't consider them for myself due to seat height issues.  But
yesterday I received a brochure from the dealer in Eugene, Oregon and I
have to admit I may be smitten by the ST. They have a picture of one in
red and silver and with a claim of 110 HP (yeah right) and 435 lbs (is
that dry?) it does appear to be a huge leap over my 96 RS.  In fact, if
those numbers are even close to correct I can't see why they would still
offer the 1100S.  But they do.

I've always thought my next bike would in fact be an RT, but the picture
in this brochure shows the ugliest thing I've seen in years.  The bike
shown is grey and silver and the body work appears to be a hodgepodge of
panels without any sort of continuity or flow.  Maybe they look better
on the showroom floor but the photographs suck.  Not a look that I think
I could get used to.  Any RT in my future would have to be 2004 or
earlier.  But that ST....