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New Bikes


>Is anybody getting excited over the new 1200's? As good as the GS's are,
I don't consider them for myself due to seat height issues.

I'm VERY excited about the new 1200s.  I have no affiliation with BMW outside
of owning an M3 and my 2nd RT.

I had the opportunity to ride a R12GS on an Edelweiss trip for 3 very full
riding days in a bunch of conditions.   I had no trouble at all with the
height of the bike.  The saddle is made so you can put your feet down easily.
It's narrow in the front with plenty of butt room in back.   Smart.   The
saddle has two settings, high and low.  There is also a short person's saddle
available for the bike.  I have a 30" inseam and had no trouble at all
controling the bike.  I ride my RT with Sargent saddle on the middle setting
and I think the GS is lower by a small amount.   At least it feels that way.
It's also narrower and less tippy feeling on the street at low speed, probably
related to the handlebar position or something.  The lighter weight over the
1150 GS is apparent.  It's a much better bike.  I rode an 1150 GS with
Edelweiss the previous year.   Shorter guys than I work GSs with no problem.

The new GS motor is 100HP and feels like it...has gobs of torque.   It is
smooth all the way up to red line.   Not K-bike smooth, but not vibrating like
something is wrong at 5,000 RPMs like 1100s seem to do.   Very nice to live
with.  The new chassis is exponentially better than the 1150.  The new digital
electronics and new star and torx fasteners will take some getting used to,
but the new motronic is just what we've all been asking for for a long time.
It's pretty wonderful.

> But
yesterday I received a brochure from the dealer in Eugene, Oregon and I
have to admit I may be smitten by the ST. They have a picture of one in
red and silver and with a claim of 110 HP (yeah right) and 435 lbs (is
that dry?) it does appear to be a huge leap over my 96 RS.  In fact, if
those numbers are even close to correct I can't see why they would still
offer the 1100S.  But they do.

They offer the 1100S because they still have them.   The ST won't be available
for a while.   I'm also looking at it.  It may have a bit more weather
protection that than RS.   Looks like it might.  Everytime an RS rider gets
caught in the rain out on the highway, their legs get soaked, while I, on my
RT, am nearly dry.   Big difference in cold weather too.   With a big
windscreen, I guess the ST would be OK.   I like having something in front of
me catching bugs in the summer besides my face shield.  I'm also very happy to
have electronic cruise control.   I lead a lot of rides because of my amazing
radar detector, and cruise would be very nice to have for these rides.

>I've always thought my next bike would in fact be an RT, but the picture
in this brochure shows the ugliest thing I've seen in years.  The bike
shown is grey and silver and the body work appears to be a hodgepodge of
panels without any sort of continuity or flow.  Maybe they look better
on the showroom floor but the photographs suck.  Not a look that I think
I could get used to.  Any RT in my future would have to be 2004 or

Well, I kind of agree...BUT -  I went to the BMW UK website and they have a
"build your new bike" site there.  You can get the bike in black with black
lowers or in silver with the light grey lowers.   This really helps the
two-tone broken up look.   I'm waiting until I can actually see one and sit on
one before I either order an RT or buy a GS.   Either way, I'm a future
hexhead owner for sure.   I loved the 1200 GS so much.  I'd have bought one
already but I really wanted to wait for the RT before deciding.  New RT
styling is a disappointment, but I have a hunch it can be made to work.

>But that ST....

Well, if it's what you want....but I say, wait and see the real thing before
you decide.   I doubt that there's an ST in my futures.   The RS doesn't offer
much in the way of performance or handling over an RT ridden properly and the
extra weather protection and conveniences are just too useful for my
particular circumstances.

By the way.  If you want a fully equipped, dark blue '04 twin-spark RT with an
anticipated 25K on it in a couple months, look me up.   It's in tip-top shape
and runs beyond smooth because I do all the perfectionist valve adjustments
and synchs myself.   All broken in, now has BMW synthetics and Metzler Z-6s,
top trunk, parcel shelf, internally mounted Valentine 1 (optional, I'll take
it out if you don't want, but the mounting is sooo slick) Legal Speeding
remote LED for helmet, Big Mak hinged tank bag; next smaller size than overbig
"Explorer".  Has map pocket that holds a CD player or iPod beautifully.
Sargent seat with blue piping and tri color band in front.   No BMW Radio,
lack of which gives you a truly handy locking compartment (I'll miss this) for
registration, water, rags, valuables.  I can clean my helmet while riding with
this setup.  (no mail concerning the wisdom of doing this, please.   My
technique is well-proven and it works for me.)

The catch is, I live in the Chicago area.   You gotta come get it.   I'll pick
you up at Ohare and provide a day of fun including a great dinner and
accomodations before your ride home.  Bike will be ready to ride anywhere.
If I didn't know how good the new ones were, I'd never sell this thing.  It
handles and works much better than my 1100 ever did.  Contact me off list if
you're interested.  This is a seriously pretty and capable bike.

- -TB