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Re: Internally Mounted V-1


> Saw your post and mention of the internally mounted V-1.  I have mine in 
> the tank bag but would be really interested in where/how you mounted 
> yours.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Barry ('04 R1150RT)

I'm copying the list on this so I don't have to write it 10 more times....

I basically provided all the pieces to my dealer when I bought the bike.  I 
hooked all the components up and drew a diagram for him so he wouldn't have 
to spend time figuring that part out.  All he had to do was mount the stuff 
and find a suitable power source.  He'd done several of these, so he knew 
where to hook it up.

Mine is heavy duty velcroed to the inside of the locking compartment where 
the radio would be. How do I write this?  It's placed on the outboard side 
of the inside of the radio compartment.   The unit is right side down in 
there but the front and rear are pointing front and rear.   The unit is 
velcroed by it's bottom to the wall of the compartment as high as it will 
go.    There's still room for my water bottle, my rag, my registration and 
insurance cards and my rider's and maintence manuals.

The hole for the radio wiring is used to run the wires out of the V-1.

Power is pulled from a keyed power source and run through a switch I had 
installed on the dash, which is water proof and looks quite stock.  It's a 
two way rocker switch.  When I flip it, it shuts the whole thing down.

Remote display wires are run up to the top center of the dash.   A remote 
display unit, with the arrows, is mounted on the under side of the parcel 
shelf with HD Velcro.  The sender for the Legal Speeding LED is mounted next 
to that and a remote audio unit is next to that.  The three are just 
velcroed under the shelf and to each other.   It's easy to see the arrows 
when the unit goes off.  The LED just tells me to look at the arrows.   When 
I use the LED, I turn the sound all the way down and the unit runs silently. 
I run in this mode when I have earplugs in or have music playing.   Short 
trips, I just turn up the beeper and can hear that with my helmet on as long 
as I'm not wearing plugs and speed is under 90 mph or so.   I use an 
oversized windscreen and there isn't much wind noise.

I'm working on something for the back underside of these units to protect 
them better from rain.   They're fine when the bike is parked in rain, but 
riding though a deluge last year on the superslab caused the legal speeding 
unit to fail.   I replaced it, but don't want to have that problem again.

Yes, the V-1 works fine plastered sideways onto the inside of the locking 
compartment.   The compartment is plastic, the fairing is plastic and 
there's not much metal in front or behind.   I was amazed to see that the 
"on the side" function works too, although not as perfectly as in the car, 
where it's placed level with the pavement.   Front and rear, however work 

There is no laser protection.   I had programmed the laser off on both my 
V-1s long ago.   Seems GM-made SUVs have an LED center brake light that sets 
them off.  Drives me nuts.   In addition, if your laser goes off, it means 
it's too late to do anything about it anyway.  Lasers are strictly line of 
sight.   That means if you get a beep, he can see you.

I also programmed off the "mute volume".  When I push "mute", there is no 
more sound.   Much better, in my opinion.  The instructions for 
reprogramming V-1s can be found on the valentineone website.

- -TB

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