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Re: New Bike

 > Not exactly right, Tom. You should have have looked at a picture of Earles
 > forks before writing (pssst... no telescopic joint on 'em....).

The shock/spring housing may contain a telescopic joint.   On the old /2 the
telescoping parts were separated by about a 1-2 mm air gap. I'd have
preferred a seal to keep water/dirt/grit out. 

 > You aren't quite right about kind-of "resists" brake dive. With a leading
 > link, you tend to remain level under all levels of braking because the
 > forces counter-act in proportion. Unless you rely on dive to help you sense

Might be true in theory.   In practice the front end rises... at least
it rises on any /2 era bike I've ridden.   Perhaps that is a /2 BMW
design thing, don't know.

 > The Telelever uses a single spring/shock unit and that certainly is a major
 > saving. But /2s were famous for riding around OK with shot shocks on one
 > side of the front or rear. Now that's what I call proper redundancy.

Very true.   Common problem today is having a replacement shock come loose
because it was installed with anti seize (because the original shock was a
bitch to remove because the original telescoping joint let water in).
This is detected by the owner by tracking down the "knock knock knock"
sound, not by any change in handling.

// marc