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Re: Spark plug advice

In a message dated 3/14/05 3:09:27 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
kbhadden@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<One thing I find odd  about these bikes is the drive shaft install.  As 
you know,  with  two U-joints in the shaft, the uneven shaft pulsing of 
one U-joint cancels  out the other.  This is dependent on the two joints 
being in line with  each other on the splines.  When the drive shaft is 
assembled, there is  no keying system to insure proper U-joint phasing.  
I would have  thought they would put a key, or one offset spline to 
insure proper  phasing.  If you get a drive line vibration, this is one 
place to look  for it.  The two U-joints should line up with each other.

Tom.   Are you saying your shaft was not properly assembled from the  

That was what I expected to find  when I went in there, and I checked phasing 
carefully durign disassembly. But  the shaft was phased correctly. I had 
another driveshaft as part of a batch of  used parts I had bought from a wreck, so 
I threw it in there. That cured the  cyclic "rumble" issue. I talked to a guy 
at BMW who said to check the  driveshaft, so they know there were some issues 

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA
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