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Popping etc.


Tom Cutter and others are absolutely right.   The right side cable is easy 
to pop out of the metal cup it sits in when there's no tension on it.   I've 
done it myself when moving the gas tank around.    My guess is that if you 
had just replaced that cable end into the fitting, the bike would be 
perfectly balanced again.   Since you've gone and readjusted everything, 
you'll have to go back, put the cup back in, and rebalance.

As far as the vacuum hoses are concerned, I use the same method as 
you....both hoses left on...no plastic plugs.    All the plugs I've seen 
seem prone to falling off.  The hose grips like crazy.   Tom is right again. 
You have to be sure that you don't have any open lines to the atmosphere. 
You can plug the open part of the tee or replace it with a two sided 
coupling.   Hardware stores have these.    Can't remember how I handled it, 
but you can't leave open air.  Bike will run too lean and you'll be sucking 
dirty air into it which will begin to damage the engine over time.   Fix 
right away.


- -TB

In a message dated 3/13/05 6:34:42 PM Eastern  Standard Time,
brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<I also just removed the  gas cannister and left the lines
from one carb to the other hooked up which  shouldn't make any difference
in normal operation (I don't think).   I'll see how it runs later after
it cools off a  bit.>>

Wrong. There is a tee in the vacuum lines  under the airbox, and if you 
seal it off, the TB's are sucking unmetered  air. The easy fix is to just 
the nipples on the TB's, or connect the TB's  with a piece of uninterrupted
hose. The port into the TB is so small that either  one has essentially the
same effect, but you can't leave it sucking  air.

Your popping problem was caused by the right  throttle cable getting hung up
atop the adjuster. This is a very common problem  with owner-serviced
Oilheads, and I fix at least 25 bikes a year that are towed  in just from 
the owner
not being careful enough while refitting the  bodywork.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA


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