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Fw: Which RT?

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From: "Tom Brown" <tbrown@xxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 9:06 AM
Subject: Which RT?

 Bob & List:

>My friend has a twin spark '04 that surges so bad...

 Now WAIT JUST A MINUTE!!!   That is like, SO untypical of any twin
 spark 1150 engine I've ever heard of, dude.   (I'm in California today. Can 
you tell?)

I've ridden twin spark GS's,
 RTs and RSs on Edelweiss trips and, because they were so nice, I
 bought an 04 RT for myself.   It does not surge and never has.
 Neither did any of the other ones.   I think you can ask just about
 anyone who's ridden them and they'll tell you that they don't surge.

 I think you're friend's problem is probably with the secondary spark
 circuit.   04 RTs are NICE BIKES and by bar better than any before

 Linked brakes have gotten a very bad rap on the internet, but in
 actual use, they are pretty terrific.   The BMW version of them is not
 like Honda's.  The ratio is not fixed between the two wheels.  A
computer senses the distributes braking power to the wheel that needs
 it regardless of whether you pull the lever or push the pedal.   I've
 never had a situation where the linked rear pedal was a bother.   Most
 times it's better because you don't lock up the rear.  These servo
 brakes will stop the bike very quickly.  Another benefit of them is
 that the system is lighter than the old ABS system.

 1150s also have a better chassis than the 1100 bikes.   The wheelbase
 is shorter, the bike is lighter by 10 to 20 lbs.  HP is not listed as
 being higher but my 1150 feels stronger than my 1100 did, even with
 the mods I put on my 1100.

 I love the ergonomics of the 1100s and 1150s.   One of the factors for
 buying my 1150 was that nearly all the accessories I bought for my
 1100 fit the new bike.

 I'm still hoping that I can handle the styling, feel and ergos of the
 new bike when I get to sit on one and check it out thouroughly.   I
 may change to a GS if I don't like it.    Again, I'm thinking that the
 bike will probably look OK in all black if I can persuade a dealer to
 supply it that way.

 So, while the 1200 is a wonderful bike, the 1150 is no slouch.


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