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RE: Evil/Nice?

I wasn't going to justify my comments but with Steve's support I guess I
will.  My own personal experience with GM cars is almost nil, my wife
has a company Impala, a mushy boat that is comfortable and as reliable
as any vehicle I've ever experienced.  Truly basic transportation
though.  My knowledge of the Fiero and Vega came from Car and Driver
magazine where for years they wanted to like the Fiero but were always
disappointed in the engine and reliability.  Finally in the last years
they had that GT model that looked great and came with some V-6 that had
some stink, the car was finally the sports car it was supposed to be.
Then they immediately discontinued it.  The magazines were miffed.  I
doubt however that they ever resolved all the reliability issues.  I
think it had a small problem with engine fires or something. My
recollection of the Vega cam from a "Ten Best" article about cars you
could enjoy driving in New York City.  I think the Vega was #1 because
if it got towed you could buy it back through auction for less than the
towing and impound fees.  And I guess in the last year you could
actually drive them more than 40,000 miles before the head warped. 

Sorry for the deviation. 

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>> re:  Sort of reminds me of GM and they how they would finally get a
>> vehicle right just before they discontinued it and moved on to
>> else. The Fiero is the best example of this but some people even
>> the Vega was pretty good in its last year.  (Bob)
> Good to see some humor on the list!
> "GM getting something right"--especially those two dogs--is as funny 
> as
> the notion of collectable Oilheads.

Has some let the Evil Kent out of his cave? Will the Nice Kent be able
wrestle him into submission and regain control of his keyboard? To learn

these answers, stay tuned to tomorrow's episode of "Oilheads: The 
Collectibles", available on this list server.

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