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Re: Evil/Nice?

On Mar 16, 2005, at 12:35 PM, Minor, Bob wrote:

> I wasn't going to justify my comments but with Steve's support I guess 
> I
> will.  My own personal experience with GM cars is almost nil, my wife
> has a company Impala, a mushy boat that is comfortable and as reliable
> as any vehicle I've ever experienced.  Truly basic transportation
> though.  My knowledge of the Fiero and Vega came from Car and Driver
> magazine where for years they wanted to like the Fiero but were always
> disappointed in the engine and reliability.  Finally in the last years
> they had that GT model that looked great and came with some V-6 that 
> had
> some stink, the car was finally the sports car it was supposed to be.
> Then they immediately discontinued it.  The magazines were miffed.  I
> doubt however that they ever resolved all the reliability issues.  I
> think it had a small problem with engine fires or something.

There was a minor fix to avoid any fires. I think GM dropped it because 
they did not sell as many as hoped and moved on to something else.

> My
> recollection of the Vega cam from a "Ten Best" article about cars you
> could enjoy driving in New York City.  I think the Vega was #1 because
> if it got towed you could buy it back through auction for less than the
> towing and impound fees.  And I guess in the last year you could
> actually drive them more than 40,000 miles before the head warped.

I would love to find a Cosworth Vega in good condition.


04 Yamaha FZ6

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