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Re: New Shocks for R1100RS

In a message dated 3/17/05 10:51:27 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
emoto1@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<I respect your opinion on technical  matters. How do you think Wilburs last 
compared to Ohlins, and how do the  requirements for rebuilds (in terms of 
frequency) differ between the two brands,  all else being equal?>>

Hard to say yet, as I have never had to  have a Wilbers rebuilt, and the 
Ohlins on my riding buddy's R1150GS needed  rebuilding after 20 months and 18,000 
miles. I hear of lots of Ohlins needing  rebuilds. The Wilbers are only in the 
US market fo ra few years so I can;t say.  Mine on my R1100S has 22K on it 
from last year, adn it is better than when i got  it, because I figured out that 
I can tune it like a good race shock, not make  one adjustment to compensate 
another weakness like the stock shock.
I've sold a lot of Wilbers shocks, and the buyers have all been happy so  
far. My only "complaint" is that they all say the spring is too soft at  first. 
When they learn how to tune the shock, that complaint disappears. You can  have 
a soft spring when your damping system actually works. 

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA
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