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Re: New Shocks for R1100RS

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From: "Tony Pucci" <tonyuss@xxxxxxxxxxx

>I'm leaning towards Ohlins, but are they really the best or just the 
>highest priced? Are there any good deals out there?  I haven't been getting 
>any good hits doing internet searches.  > Thanks,
> Tony P
> Mineola, NY
> 1997 R1100RS

Hi Tony, I have had Ohlin,Works and now Wilbur's.
The Ohlins were great but I think the Wilbur's are better because the 
distributors for Wilbur seem to have all the shocks built to the customer 
where as a lot....NOT ALL...Ohlins distributors will just sell you a shock 
off the shelf.

I purchased mine in December from John Borella who is a MOA ambassador,does 
show quality paint(specializing in BMW) and is a distributor for Wilbur 
shocks,Staintune etc.
Phone  860-774-5535

>Do all aftermarket shocks require 12,000 mile rebuilds?

I figure that 25K is about the norm.

Bill Kenney
96R1100RS   sold