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Re: New Shocks for R1100RS

re:  Q:  Do all aftermarket shocks require 12,000 mile rebuilds? A:  I figure that 25K is about the norm. (Bill)

Gee, the Konis on my '84 RS have been on there since 1985 and certainly don't require rebuilding.  It's at 76K miles now.

My friend has run his R1100RT with OE shock from 10K to 35K miles, most 2-up, in the past few years and that shock's not a leaker either.

While 25K might be a ballpark figure for Chevies, it's certainly not for the likes of BMW and Mercedes in the cage world.

What gives?  One would think the price paid for aftermarket motorcycle shocks would ensure longer life.  It certainly isn't the weight of the vehicle, so ... ?

Kent Christensen