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Re: New Shocks for R1100RS

I've been riding Beemers since I bought my first R75/5 in 1971. Come to 
think of it, the only one of these remarkable bikes that ever needed a 
replacement shock was a 1987 K75 on which the DPO had installed an Ohlins or 
Yamaha shock, or some such thing. In my opinion, folks who pop for $1200 
worth of aftermarket shocks on a scooter have earned the right to have 'em 
rebuilt every12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. In fact, to 
help remember, it might be a good idea to switch to synthetic engine oil, 
and have the shocks rebuilt at every other oil change. =8^o

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Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 10:59 AM
Subject: Re: New Shocks for R1100RS

> re:  Q:  Do all aftermarket shocks require 12,000 mile rebuilds? A:  I 
> figure that 25K is about the norm. (Bill)
> Gee, the Konis on my '84 RS have been on there since 1985 and certainly 
> don't require rebuilding.  It's at 76K miles now.
> My friend has run his R1100RT with OE shock from 10K to 35K miles, most 
> 2-up, in the past few years and that shock's not a leaker either.
> While 25K might be a ballpark figure for Chevies, it's certainly not for 
> the likes of BMW and Mercedes in the cage world.
> What gives?  One would think the price paid for aftermarket motorcycle 
> shocks would ensure longer life.  It certainly isn't the weight of the 
> vehicle, so ... ?
> Kent Christensen
> Albuquerque