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Re: New Bikes

Tpcutter@xxxxxxx wrote:

>In a message dated 3/17/05 12:27:19 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
>emoto1@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
><<Just about. :-)
>Go downtown. Park.  Add a quart of oil. 
>Come home. Park. Add a quart of  oil.>>
>My ex used to drive our Vega to nursing school in NH. It was  11 miles each 
>way. We bought five five-quart jugs of Sapphire brand motro oil  (about $.45 
>per qt.) and she would pour in a full five quarts and leave for  school. By the 
>time she got home at night, no oil was showing on the stick. On  one long 
>hill, the smoke cloud was so large that it would totally obscure the  road and any 
>traffic. There were vary few mosquitos in NH that  summer.

Damn, and I thought *I* had the worst one!  ;-)

>Sweet car. The door panels rusted out around  the seams, so the panels outer 
>skin flapped like wings at about 50 MPH. I wish I  had video of that thing 
>smokin' and flappin'. 

My doors rusted out in a similar manner.

>     Isn't this the BMW Oilheads list? Just  curious.

Yah, well... we all took circuitous routes to get here...



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