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Re: New Bikes

In a message dated 3/17/05 12:27:19 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
emoto1@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Just about. :-)

Go downtown. Park.  Add a quart of oil. 

Come home. Park. Add a quart of  oil.>>

My ex used to drive our Vega to nursing school in NH. It was  11 miles each 
way. We bought five five-quart jugs of Sapphire brand motro oil  (about $.45 
per qt.) and she would pour in a full five quarts and leave for  school. By the 
time she got home at night, no oil was showing on the stick. On  one long 
hill, the smoke cloud was so large that it would totally obscure the  road and any 
traffic. There were vary few mosquitos in NH that  summer.

Sweet car. The door panels rusted out around  the seams, so the panels outer 
skin flapped like wings at about 50 MPH. I wish I  had video of that thing 
smokin' and flappin'. 
    Isn't this the BMW Oilheads list? Just  curious.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
Rubber Chicken Racing Garage  T-shirts coming, inquire here...