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Re: Ohlins, Wilbers and Works, Oh my!

Thanks for responding.
There are lemons among cars and bikes.  I consider myself lucky, after all the problems I read on this list. I don't think that BMW is the best bike, not at all, but it serves me good. When I change the preload on the shock I do feel a difference.  By turning the dampening screw, I do feel a difference.

It's not that I doubt others opinions, I just would like to know, technically, mechanically, what goes wrong with shocks.  I assume the RS' shocks are oil shocks, so if they don't leak, the preload and the dampening adjustment still work, what went wrong???  
Can it happen that shocks are OK for 3-4 hours of riding but after that they are not acceptable?? (as one of the response stated)
Or, am I just lucky with my Beta-bike???  In the beginning BMW may have provided better shocks. I am 165 lbs, no passenger but the boxes are heavy, the Corbin Rambler seat is also heavy.

You are right, I should try another RS with better shocks but I do not know anybody who has one.  On the next BMW demonstration ride I will pay more attention to the shocks, however those rides are only take thirty minutes, not enough to judge the total performance of a bike, besides, I am no expert to judge. 
Bob Silas

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  Bob,  on my 98RS, the front shock was so bad at 8k miles that I was 
  banging the cylinder head on the pavement in corners.  You can bet I 
  replaced it quick.  The rear shock had the screw slot for damping 
  adjustment.  It snapped the first time I tried to adjust it.  The 
  dealer was interested in selling new shocks, but wouldn't call the BMW 
  rep to try to get me warranty at 3k miles on the broken shock.  
  Needless to say, I got my Ohlins elsewhere.

  You should ride a friends RS with good shocks for a comparison.  If the 
  difference isn't important to you, then don't buy replacement shocks.  
  But don't doubt others opinions regarding improved performance.

  Bob Hadden  '05R12GS, '62R27

  On Mar 19, 2005, at 6:53 PM, Robert Silas wrote:
  >  Can we assume that BMW sells a bike for $20 -27,000 (Can.) and 
  > install such lousy shocks???  They fabricate bikes which last for 
  > 125-150,000 miles easily, but not, they put shocks on, which are good 
  > only for 1/6 -th of the life time of all other parts (or most of 
  > those)???
  > Bob Silas