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Re: Ohlins, Wilbers and Works, Oh my!

Bob,  Yes, they are standard design oil shocks as far as I know.  In my 
case, the front shock just plain didn't damp any more after that 8k 
miles.  There was no fluid leakage at all.  On the rear, the damping 
was still ok, but I couldn't adjust it with the snapped adjuster, so I 
replaced it along with the front.

Very interesting thought about better shocks on the first Beta bikes.  
That might explain your good experience.

BMW cars use Boge shocks, which are pretty good quality compared to 
what you get on a us car.  People are saying that the new bikes have 
better quality shocks.  I'll let you know in 10k miles.  OR sooner if 
the answer turns out to be 'not'.

Bob Hadden

On Mar 20, 2005, at 8:00 AM, Robert Silas wrote:

> Bob,
> <snip> I assume the RS' shocks are oil shocks, so if they don't leak, 
> the preload and the dampening adjustment still work, what went 
> wrong???
> Can it happen that shocks are OK for 3-4 hours of riding but after 
> that they are not acceptable?? (as one of the response stated)
> Or, am I just lucky with my Beta-bike???  In the beginning BMW may 
> have provided better shocks. <snip>.
> Bob Silas