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I have an early Beta Bike also, and my original shocks were done at 30k
miles.  The seal on the rear shock leaked out all the oil, the front shock
just lost damping.  I replaced the originals with Ohlins and the
improvement was fantastic - even MUCH better than when the bike was brand
new.  The CHARACTER of handling was different - nasty bumps or holes were
absorbed with no fuss, and the bike felt more controlled in every way. 
Additionally the adjustment range of the Ohlins is far wider than the
original shocks.

At the 100,000 mark I had both of the Ohlins shocks rebuilt - the rear
shock had developed a slight "weep".  I believe it cost ~ $100 per shock
for a complete rebuilt.  Ohlins recommends rebuilding at least every three
years.  When they're rebuilt the shop cleans/polishes them up so they look
like new.

I bought both of the shocks NIB on Ebay - one from an individual that sold
his bike before installing the Ohlins, and one from a dealer, for about
$500 each.  

Bob - Do you go to the Finger Lakes BMW Rally in Watkins Glen??? - If so,
I'd be glad to let you try out my RS to gauge the difference - I'd bet it's
significant !!!!

Gary Bechtold
'94 R11RSA w/ 120,000+ miles

 Or, am I just lucky with my Beta-bike???  In the beginning BMW may have
provided better shocks. I am 165 lbs, no passenger but the boxes are heavy,
the Corbin Rambler seat is also heavy.
> You are right, I should try another RS with better shocks but I do not
know anybody who has one.  On the next BMW demonstration ride I will pay
more attention to the shocks, however those rides are only take thirty
minutes, not enough to judge the total performance of a bike, besides, I am
no expert to judge. 
> Bob Silas