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Re: Shocks

And I'd be glad if you would try my bike and give me your opinion.
When is the rally at Finger Lakes??
BTW, I'll be on a "cross the land" tour from about mid May to the first week of June (at least it planned that way), so if you'd tell me where are you located I may be around and since we have identical bikes, we could talk about other things while we would meet for a coffee. ( I stay in Motels and eat in restaurants).
Bob Silas 

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  From: Gary Bechtold 
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  Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 2:32 PM
  Subject: Shocks

  Bob - Do you go to the Finger Lakes BMW Rally in Watkins Glen??? - If so,
  I'd be glad to let you try out my RS to gauge the difference - I'd bet it's
  significant !!!!

  Gary Bechtold
  '94 R11RSA w/ 120,000+ miles