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Re: Shocks

In the last three years I took part of the RAMAPO 500 ride in July.  They start off from Southfields, NY., (I am not sure of the name just now) 
It's a couple of days of riding. We usually went down Friday night and stayed in the Tuxedo Motel, then registration started at 7 am at the Red Apple Rest breakfast place. It's a fun ride.  Good riders, I am with the same 4-6 riders, they know terrific roads, I did not think that NY. has those roads.
Thanks for the invite, I am retired too and if/when you'd come North, Montreal, Vermont, New Hampshire, let me know and I'll send details.
Bob Silas
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  Bob - 
  The Finger Lakes Rally is always held over Labor Day Weekend in early
  September in Watkins Glen, New York.  It's one of the best rallies in the
  U.S. with over 1,500 in attendance the last few years.

  I have recently retired so I'm hoping to catch up on motorcycling this
  summer.  In April/May I'll be going down to the Smokies to use up some
  tires on Deals Gap, Cherohala Highway, Blue Ridge, etc. I just installed
  some new Z-6's this afternoon, the 16th set that I've put on the bike since
  it was new.  I live in western New York in Geneseo (south of Rochester). 
  Yup - I also stay in motels (preferably with a remote control!!) and eat in

  Please let me know if/when you're in the area (anyplace in NY).


   Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 15:39:38 -0500
  > From: Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  > Subject: Re: Shocks
  > Gary,
  > And I'd be glad if you would try my bike and give me your opinion.
  > When is the rally at Finger Lakes??
  > BTW, I'll be on a "cross the land" tour from about mid May to the first
  week of June (at least it planned that way), so if you'd tell me where are
  you located I may be around and since we have identical bikes, we could
  talk about other things while we would meet for a coffee. ( I stay in
  Motels and eat in restaurants).
  > Bob Silas 


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