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RE: Suspension Dampers

Well 160k.km may be pushing it but I think mine may get there too :)   My
M-B car is at 198k.km with OEM dampers still in place - no leaks but when
loaded I can feel a bit of floating at the rear...

re Tyre Wear: Never been on a "track" but where I stay and the roads I ride
on are either going up hills or down mountains and thus I have to really
rack my (remaining) brains to think of a stretch of back road that is
straight for more than 500 meters.   This area is a popular Sunday
"playground" for local riders as well as bike clubs and groups from Durban
(about 3/4 hour down the road from here).   Truth be told we are rather
spoilt for choice here when I read of some US riders having to ride HOURS to
get to the twisties!

Even the 2/3 lane roads (which I shun unless forced to use them) actually
have some "challenging" bends.   Last Sunday I needed to hurry back after a
run and used the "freeway" at pace and was surprised to see the lines of
worn (or torn) rubber up to the edge - musta been going faster than I
thought :|

Clive Liddell
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
'96 R850R ~77kkm
'01 R1100RT ~57kkm

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> Clive,
> Accordingly, is it possible that some life still remained in my
> shocks, after 160,000 km???
> BTW, are you running the "tracks" or are there an awful  lot of
> curved roads in South Africa???
> Bob Silas
> My OEM dampers are only now "breaking in" and my bikes are
> feeling just as I
> like - smooooth.  R is at 77000km and RT is at 57000km.  Oh, and I wear my
> tires out on the sides before the middle on both bikes with no handling
> problems (or any leaks so far).
> Regards
> Clive Liddell
> Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
> '96 R850R ~77kkm
> '01 R1100RT ~57kkm