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Clutch related seals


I am about to change the clutch on my R1100RS with an M94 transmission.

The symptoms were consistent with oil contamination, and indeed, now
that I have removed the transmission, I see a fair amount of oily crud
on both the engine and transmission sides of the bellhousing. I can
detect no sulfuric smell, as in gear oil, from the oily stuff.

There is no obvious damage to either the crank or transmission input
seal, except for a very slight wetness on part of the circumference
of the crank seal.

Given this, I had intended to just replace the clutch and outer crank
seal (inner seal too?), but I noticed that the throwout pushrod is
covered in gear oil. I removed the throwout bearing assembly and of
course, the rubber boot was full of oil as well. What I am able to
see of the seal down in that recess appears intact.

I don't know to what extent seeing gear oil on the pushrod is normal
or acceptable. There is no felt seal on the pushrod, but I see on
http://www.largiader.com/articles/throwout/ that this is not unusual.
Can a 23 21 1 230 440 felt ring be used with my old pushrod? Will
this be sufficient to prevent gear oil from contaminating the clutch?

Obviously, I would prefer to not have to take the transmission apart
to replace that rear input shaft seal, but I am hoping that someone
can comment on the best course of action.

Thanks in advance.

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