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RE: Clutch related seals

Not sure if this helps, but I'd definitely recommend you consider
replacing the throwout bearing, depending on condition and mileage.  At
64K miles, my bearing failed (500 miles from home).  That was a long way
to clutchless shift...

My pushrod was damaged in the process, so I replaced that, too.  I got
the updated rod and felt piece.  The bearing was $66 and the pushrod
$36.  FYI, I don't recall any oil at all on mine.  The new pushrod has
an indentation for the felt piece.  I doubt it'd work well on the old
rod, if it fit at all.  As it is, you have to be careful it stays seated
in the indentation when you install the rod.

Good luck,
Eric Renneisen
'94 RS
'88 RT
'71 R75
Chattanooga, TN

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I am about to change the clutch on my R1100RS with an M94 transmission.

The symptoms were consistent with oil contamination, and indeed, now
that I have removed the transmission, I see a fair amount of oily crud
on both the engine and transmission sides of the bellhousing. I can
detect no sulfuric smell, as in gear oil, from the oily stuff.

There is no obvious damage to either the crank or transmission input
seal, except for a very slight wetness on part of the circumference of
the crank seal.

Given this, I had intended to just replace the clutch and outer crank
seal (inner seal too?), but I noticed that the throwout pushrod is
covered in gear oil. I removed the throwout bearing assembly and of
course, the rubber boot was full of oil as well. What I am able to see
of the seal down in that recess appears intact.

I don't know to what extent seeing gear oil on the pushrod is normal or
acceptable. There is no felt seal on the pushrod, but I see on
http://www.largiader.com/articles/throwout/ that this is not unusual.
Can a 23 21 1 230 440 felt ring be used with my old pushrod? Will this
be sufficient to prevent gear oil from contaminating the clutch?

Obviously, I would prefer to not have to take the transmission apart to
replace that rear input shaft seal, but I am hoping that someone can
comment on the best course of action.

Thanks in advance.

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