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RE: Give windscreens for R 1150 R

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> Subject: Give windscreens for R 1150 R
Jim Gordon wrote:

> I own an '04 R 1150 R and am unhappy with the extreme wind buffeting
> from the BMW tall windscreen on it, particularly the truly deafening
> noise on my helmet.   Part of the problem stems from the fact that I am
> 6' 2" in height and had to purchase the BMW tall saddle to reduce the
> excessive and cramping crouching position I experienced in my legs
> while using the standard-height BMW that comes standard on the R 1150
> R.

Well, I'm 5'11", and when Rick Maier made my saddle, I asked him to make it
about 3/4" above stock for exactly the same reason.  Just a data point for
what comes later ...

I went with the Parabellum touring 'shield for my '02 R1150R.  It's
available in three sizes, and I went with the middle size.  I'd never had a
windshield before, so I don't really have a standard of comparison.  The
thing is unquestionably ugly, looking like a barn door, but it certainly

> So, now I'm sitting roughly 1.5" higher, allowing that same amount
> of extra buffeting over the windscreen.

I experienced very slight buffeting before the new saddle.  None since.

>	...  I've looked at Aeroflow and
> Parabellum windscreens on their websites and like the sportier look of
> the latter.

There is nothing at all sporty about mine.

> ...  I do want to see over the windscreen rather than
> through it and want some air to flow around it when riding in hotter
> temperatures.

It's hotter than the hobs of Hell here in the summer, but I've never
seriously considered removing the windshield.  But the hardest part of
getting used to it has been that the top of it is sometimes directly in my
field of view, especially at very low speeds, like riding into the barn.

My Parabellum is beautifully made, from high-quality materials, and I had
very little difficulty installing it single-handed.  As a dedicated design
for that model, fit was never an issue.  Its appearance is somewhat at odds
with the rorty styling of the "bumblebee" variant, though.  I stand on the
very threshold of geezerdom, and with this windshield, look the part.  But
the difference it makes over the course of a long day in the saddle makes
that a trifling consideration.

	- Martin
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Martin Lodahl of Auburn, CA
UNIX Pro, Motorcyclist, Musician, etc.