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RE: Give windscreens for R 1150 R

  Am I asking for trouble in 
> purchasing 
> a universal-mount windscreen rather than one made specifically for my 
> cycle?  Its sold at $139 so the price is very attractive.   
> However, I 
> don't want something that's poorly constructed, I don't want 
> something 
> that's unattractive, and I don't want it to fit poorly.  Any opinions 
> about this model or any others that would fit the R 1150 R with those 
> criteria in mind?  I've read two other postings lately about the 
> Aeroflow and Parabellum windscreens, but I'm interested in 
> the opinion 
> of other riders as well.
> Jim Gordon
> Hinsdale, IL

In addition to the Parabellum, Aeroflow and GIVI you've mentioned you should
also take a look at http://www.ceebaileys.com/bmw/1150rws.html .  Not quite
as cheap as the universal fit GIVI you're discussing, but quality is first
rate and mounting won't be an issue.  I'm having trouble getting on GIVI's
website this morning so I can't confirm, but I'd also be wary of the
universal fit windscreen.  These usually rely on either a traditional front
suspension or tubular bars to mount and your Roadster has neither.  

Davis Eichelberger
SW Virginia