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R 1150 R windscreens

	Since posting my earlier message regarding the excessive wind 
buffeting I experience with my BMW tall-version windscreen (which 
measures something like 16" vertically and 17" at its widest 
horizontally)  and my remarks about looking at replacement windscreens 
by Aeroflow, Parabellum, and Givi I've done a bit more research on the 
internet about this matter.  I want any such replacement to (1) be well 
constructed, (2) looks as sporty as possible considering its height 
(hopefully around 20" as a minimum) and width (hopefully at least 19"), 
(3) fits properly to the R 1150 R in paricular, and (4) has a 
competitive price.

	I've now looked at the Laminar Lip as a way of extending my current 
BMW screen's height while retaining its decidedly sporty look, and I've 
looked at the Cee Bailey windscreens on their website as well.  Cee 
Bailey has one that appeals called the Euro 21.5 model to me in all the 
respects I've mentioned.  Does anyone have an opinion about Cee Bailey 
screens in general and this model in particular?  Please remember that 
I'm 6' 2" in height and sitting on the BMW tall saddle which means that 
the top of my helmet is about 8" above the height of my windscreen.  
Consequently, the wind-buffeting roar that results is horrendous at 
highway speeds because of it.  While the Laminar Lip would allow me to 
keep my present BMW screen it strikes me as a concept that probably 
works only minimally well compared to a solid screen of the same 
height.  Maybe I'm wrong.   Comments?

Jim Gordon