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Springtime and new bikes

Spring is in the air and new bikes are on the road.   At Alice's
(a favorite spot for SF Bay peninsula riders to hang out) this
afternoon I saw my first R1200ST in the flesh, so to speak.   Yeah,
the headlights are a little bit funky, but you can't see them
from the saddle and the rest of the bike looks pretty good.
This ST didn't have any bags, but the pipe looks low enough that
I don't think it will cut into bag space too much.  I'll have to
give one a test ride one of these days.

No R1200RT seen in the wild this day, but a K1200S was with the R1200ST.
While people were oooing and ahhing over the pair of new bikes a second
new K1200RS made and appearance -- they're all over the] place :-)
This one ridden by a friend and fellow breakfast club rider... bad
snapshots at http://www.snafu.org/smbc/riders/

I've been keeping away from the dealers because I don't want to be
seduced, yet.   Maybe this winter when its wet and the dealers might
be willing to haggle a bit... if I can just hold out that long.  It's
not that I need a new bike, but when that itch starts...

// marc


End of oilheads-digest V2 #80