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Branson `X` Daily Update


Less than two weeks to go.  It's the even you've been waiting all year

The tenth annual Blitz To Branson (`X`) will be held from Thursday, April
14th through Sunday, April 17th 2005.  We start the fun early this year,
so if you can make it to Branson on Thursday, plan on being there
Thursday.  This year we're staying at The Barrington (N 36 40.011  W 93
15.153) just downhill from the Branson Towers.  The Barrington Hotel &
Suites' number is 800-760-8866 and Dolly is in charge of reservations. 
Be sure to mention that you are with the Internet BMW Riders for the $35
per night rate.

I am hosting two meals this year.  For those of you arriving Thursday,
join me that evening for Thai Bunny at the Taste Of Thai Restaurant. 
Friday at noon we'll observe the annual Bunny Lunch at Mickey Gilley's
Texas Cafe.

The usual agenda is meeting and greeting on Friday afternoon and evening
in front of The Barrington.  Saturday there's a continental breakfast in
the hospitality room or you can order off the menu at Branson Towers'
dining room or walk or ride to nearby cafes or restaurants.

The Kringle Committee will be bringing in fresh Kringles from O&H Danish
Bakery in beautiful downtown Racine, Wisconsin.

Saturday April 9th is the first day of the MOA Mileage Contest.  Your
miles to Branson will count this year.  Be sure to bring your mileage
forms to have signed and remember to mark the mileages of any BMWs you
leave at home.

Watch for the Authority Bike Parade.  Keep watching... and have your
registration and proof of insurance handy.

A group - led by Jim and Sherryl Hair - (or do it yourself) lunch ride
leaves at 9am Saturday and returns about 3pm - directions will be
available in the hospitality room.  And Dale Oliver might be prevailed
upon to lead another adventure ride!  Lunch has been at a picturesque
trout farm on the route (where we aren't the only ones who dress funny) -
or you can pick your own place.  There are great Missouri and Arkansas
roads to ride on Saturday for the adventurous, or plenty of outlet mall
shopping and live shows for the

A buffet supper is scheduled for 5pm Saturday evening followed by
incredibly cool awards - including door prizes donated by fellow
Presidents.  Do you have some to share?  Please bring them.  One year
there was even a bike!  And then we'll take the Official Presidential
Photo by the banners.

You may DRESS FOR SATURDAY DINNER in your best - or worst - to be
considered for awards.  Presidential decree will decide the winners.

We're looking for a leader for our fellow Presidents in the no longer
Virgin Blitz Band.  We've added 4 and 8 PM on Saturday as official
musical times, but I expect there may be practice on Friday too.  If
you've got instruments, bring 'em.  There are even awards!

Sunday morning - more continental breakfast in the hospitality room, or
arrange your own gathering.  

The BMW Motorcycle Owners Of Alabama, as part of the 2005 Rocket City
Rally, will be raffling a 2005 BMW 1150 Roadster (non-ABS).  Tickets are
$5.00 and I will have them available in Branson.  Ticket purchasers need
not be present to win.  The drawing will be during the rally on Saturday,
May 28th, 2005.

If you plan to celebrate the tenth annual Blitz To Branson, send your
name and home city and state to me offlist at RWMunday@xxxxxxxx .  Also
let me know if you can attend Thai Bunny and/or the Mickey Gilley lunch.

Scheduled to attend as of 4/04/2005 including ten Plateholders:

Geoff Adams    Arlington, TX    IBMWR Plateholder
Jim Aiken    Norman, OK 
Ron Arrington    Denton, TX 
John Ashton    Kansas City, MO 
Bob Atkinson    Racine, WI    Kringle Committee
Phil Aylesworth    Windsor, ON 
Hank Barta    Winfield, OH 
Paul Bigler    Merriam, KS 
Roger Bostic    Claremore, OK 
Matt Brandt    Austin, TX 
Jack Bunce    Waterford, CT 
Pat Burch    Kearney, MO 
Brian Burdette    Pleasant Hill, MO 
Karen Burdette    Pleasant Hill, MO    IBMWR Plateholder
Craig Coleman    Kearney, MO 
Crystal Coleman    Kearney, MO 
Carlene Coover    Weatherford, TX 
Mike Cornett    San Antonio, TX 
Dave Cwi    Indianapolis, IN    BMW ON Contributor
Mike Darnell    San Antonio, TX 
Greg Deckrow    Los Gatos, CA 
Chuck DeSantis    Crystal Lake, IL 
Jon Diaz    Monza, Italy 
Mark Domlovil    Kalamazoo, MI    IBMWR Plateholder
Janis Dosky    Austin, TX 
Rob Dressler    Chicago, IL 
Randall Eggert    Sand Springs, OK 
Laurene Franklin    Plymouth, IN    Cycle Gadgets
Sean Franklin    Plymouth, IN    Cycle Gadgets
Frank Glamser    Hattiesburg, MS    IBMWR Plateholder
Paul Glaves    Lawrence, KS 
Voni Glaves    Lawrence, KS    RED Mileage Queen
Dawn Greenwood    Edwardsville, IL 
Jim Hair    Rogersville, MO    Our Host
Sherryl Hair    Rogersville, MO    Our Host
Ted Hall    Belmont, VT    The Heifermeister
Mike Hankinson    Hudsonville, MI 
Dick Hautau    Detroit, MI    BMWMOA Ambassador
Pete `C` Hawk    Wichita, KS 
Sigrid Hitzemann    Sunbury, OH 
Darrell Hoemann    Champaign, IL 
Al Hummel    Omaha, NE 
Wayne Jeansonne    Austin, TX 
Margie Kallmayer    St. Joseph, IL 
Rick Kallmayer    St. Joseph, IL 
John Kersh    Phoenix, AZ 
Bill Landahl    Wetumpka, AL 
Gail Langford    Texarkana, TX 
Pete Lavengood    Gnaw Bone, IN 
Dave Laverty    Indianola, IA 
Mike Lea    Racine, WI    Kringle Committee
Rob Lessen    Arma, KS    IBMWR Plateholder
Gale Lilley    Council Bluffs IA 
Milind Limaye    Oskaloosa, IA 
Jason Lineback    Greenwood, IN 
Carl Loos    San Antonio, TX 
Ben Lower    Dallas, TX 
Deb Lower    Denver, CO    BMWMOA Vice-President
Norm Lutz    York, PA 
Marie Main    Raymore, MO 
Roger Main    Raymore, MO 
Charles Martin    Carrollton, TX 
Harriet Marvin    El Paso, TX 
Phil Marvin    El Paso, TX 
Bob McBratney    Stone Bluff, OK 
Morgan McBratney    Stone Bluff, OK 
Tracy McCarty    Edgerton, KS 
Mike Moon    Fort Worth, TX 
Diane Morrow    Union, MO 
Jim Morrow    Union, MO 
Christopher Munday    Montgomery, AL
Robert Munday    Montgomery, AL    IBMWR Plateholder, Your Branson Bunny,
Kringle Committee
Dennis Murphy    Third Lake, IL 
Kenn Naher    Edwardsvile, IL 
Jay Oskolski    Pensacola, FL 
Greg Ostwinkle    Urbandale, IA 
Eddie Overstreet    Liberty, MO 
Anita Person    Broken Bow, OK 
Bruce Person    Broken Bow, OK 
Jim Post    Newport News, VA 
Gene Ray    Kansas City, KS 
Harv Read    Union Grove, WI    Kringle Committee
Tom Regnier    Minnetonka Beach, MN 
Steve Reynen    De Pere, WI 
Marilyn Roberts    Maryland Heights, MO 
Ken Roggenkamp    Raytown, MO 
Don Rollins    Springfield, MO 
Gary Rollins    Oklahoma City, OK 
Doug Roth    Leavenworth, KS 
Dan Ruschke    St. Charles, IL 
Jim Rutelonis    Richardson, TX 
Jay Schillinger    Wills Point, TX 
Ian Schmeisser    Atlanta, GA 
Donald Sidler    New Hope, MN 
Edward Sidler    Cedar Falls, IA 
John Sidler    Cedar Falls, IA 
Joe Skaggs    Rogers, AR    IBMWR Plateholder
Al Sloan    Hinckley, IL 
Gina Sloan    Hinckley, IL 
Bob Smith    Carthage, TX 
David E.B. Smith    Chicago, IL    IBMWR Plateholder
Judy Smith    Carthage, TX 
Mark Smith    Overland Park, KS 
Phil Snyder    Appleton, WI 
David Soine    Liberty, MO 
Cindy Stephens    Tyler, TX 
Mike Stephens    Tyler, TX 
Robert Still    Yuma, AZ 
Tom Stites    Dawsonville, GA 
John Stombaugh    London, OH 
Bob Straubinger    Mesa, AZ    IBMWR Plateholder
Greg Stuever    Wichita, KS 
Roger Theodos    Crystal Lake, IL 
Greg Tosto    Tulsa, OK 
Helen TwoWheels    Ann Arbor, MI    The BEST Bag Lady
Roscoe Van Jones    Eureka Springs, AR   Roscoe's Music 
Karen Vance    Kansas City, MO 
George Wacaser    Kansas City, MO 
Don Warren    Cleveland, TN    IBMWR Plateholder
Stormy Warren    Plainfield, IN 
Jim Weber    Walker, MI 
Heidi Weldon    Yuma, AZ 
Chuck Wetzel    San Antonio, TX 
Kenny Wickstrom    Hainesille, IL 
Cheryl Wilshusen    Bridgeton, MO 
Harry Wilshusen    Bridgeton, MO 
Gerald Wood    Bois D'Arc, MO 
Cheri Woy    Shawnee, KS 
Randy Woy    Shawnee, KS 
Ray Zimmerman    St. Peters, MO    BMWMOA Executive Director

The time is near.  `X` marks the spot.   >oO;

Robert Munday...   Montgomery, AL    `98 R11CHP    `95 R1100RSL
Village Idiot    Rolling Broccoli Rider    BOOF #131    SR#2
Nebraska Nightriders    Big Sioux Riders    Indy BMW Club    
Beemer Hill Riders    EC Riders    Trustee, BMWMOA Foundation    
Keeper Of The List    *Iron Bunny*

Back home again from Indiana... where every day was a `Hoosier Bunny? `