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New Bikes and Seduction


Too late for me, I'm afraid.

I was seduced by the hexhead last year in the Alps.   I've just been waiting
for the new RT to come out before I made a decision between that bike and the
quite amazing R12GS.   Well, I'm currently leaning toward the GS, but I'm
going to try another RT before I decide.

I really like the looks of the new ST.  I think the headlight will grow on all
of us, but I'm just not an RS person.  If I'm going to have a fairing, I want
a real fairing that will cover me.   This isn't enough.  I also like sitting
up straight on a bike.   It has to be an RT or GS for me.

While I love the new GS so much, I want more weather protection.   I haven't
seen a good windscreen for this bike yet.   I know Aeroflow is working on it,
but so far, only beta test units.

- -TB


End of oilheads-digest V2 #81